Is HomeFront Magazine a part of my Tru subscription?

HomeFront is a monthly resource that gives parents ideas on how to create fun, spiritually forming times in their home—even in the midst of their busy lives.

Each month, a small team of incredibly talented and hard-working folks pull together this amazing resource that many churches have grown to cherish as a valuable family ministry supplement for their families. For some churches, Homefront (formerly known as Homefront Monthly) was included in previous Tru subscriptions.

In order for Homefront to remain available it now needs to be supported as an additional subscription, here's how that works:

Churches can purchase an annual print subscription for $49.99 per year at This subscription not only includes 12 beautiful print issues (one per month) delivered to your church door. There are also options that deliver a digital version of Homefront or a bundle of both print and digital copies..

Go to for more information.

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