Can I continue to use content I have downloaded from Disciplr if I cancel my subscription?

Our lawyers have spent a lot of time crafting our Terms of Use and we highly encourage you to take the time to read them carefully as these are the terms you agreed to when you created your Disciplr account.

Here's the bit that matters: "Upon cancellation of an order, you must delete or destroy any copies of any Content you acquired through or from the Disciplr Site immediately and your use of all or portions of the Disciplr Site may be restricted. You agree to abide by such other terms and conditions, including where applicable representing that you are of sufficient legal age to use or participate in such service or feature."

Disciplr is a ministry that serves ministries. To that end, we try to make the resources on our site, like curriculum, activities, songs, videos, etc., available for you to access both online through our site as well as offline, as a download. Unlike other subscription services, like Netflix for instance, where a cancelled subscription results in the loss of access to their content, files you download from Disciplr are still at your fingertips.

We recognize that because you continue to have access to those files after a cancelled Disciplr subscription, you may want to continue using them. However, as per the Terms of Use quoted above, any files that Disciplr provided to you as a download during your active subscription are only for your use during your active subscription. After your subscription has expired you are required to immediately remove and destroy those files as well as any files that have been printed out.


It's easy to think that because something is digital and you have downloaded during your subscription that you should continue to be able to use it after the subscription ends. It's important to remember however, that a subscription to Disciplr is not the same as buying ownership of content (like when you buy a book or a CD). Instead, when you pay Disciplr for a subscription, you are paying for access to our service for the term of the subscription. Included in our service is access to the content included in the membership level you signed up for as well as access to all of the features and tools of the Disciplr service. In the same way that you are no longer able to continue using the Disciplr service you paid for after you cancel, you also are no longer allowed to use the content that was included with that service.

When you pay for a subscription to Disciplr, you are supporting a non-profit ministry dedicated to making disciples in the local church. The money received from your subscription covers the cost to license materials from our amazing ministry partners, such as David C Cook, Randall House, Yancy Ministries, JumpStart3 and Sparkhouse, just to name a few. Additionally, we continue to make new investments in improving our platform based on customer feedback so that you can get more without having to pay more.

We hope this all makes sense to you. If you still have questions or concerns, please contact our Care team via email at

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