How do the storytelling videos integrate with the lessons?

Storytelling videos are provided as a creative and engaging way to present The Big God Story (or introduce the God Statement for Identity). They supplement the Ponder Point (God Statement) and help kids better understand who God is in a way that appeals to their age group.

  • Both TruWonder and TruStory feature three storytelling videos each quarter, averaging about one per month.
  • TruIdentity provides one video with every lesson. 

When a video accompanies a lesson, there are several ways to incorporate it, depending on your available time and the needs of your ministry:

  • Use in place of live storytelling
  • Use along with your own storytelling
  • Use for second service
  • Show and then follow up with questions

There are three years of videos, some of which have been revised slightly due to changes made to the Ponder Points.

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