Is there a Tru high school curriculum in development?

There are no current plans to develop a high school curriculum, but several student ministries have had success with using TruIdentity, our middle school curriculum, for their older students. Because the modules provide a customizable commentary and outline for youth pastors to adapt for their teaching, there are many ways to make it work for your students. Here are some specific ways to adapt the lesson content:

  • CONNECT: Replace the game if it seems too “young.”
  • ENCOUNTER: The Lesson Commentary and Lesson Outline are written to support the Scripture passage. Pastors can take in this information as helpful context and then scale back what they share with their middle schoolers. Youth often come together for worship and then stay together as middle/high school for the teaching. They could stay together for the teaching or divide out at this point. 
  • RESPOND (large group): The worship response stations are easily adaptable for older students. The questions asked, time allotted, and journaling are all pieces that could be extended or deepened for students with longer attention spans. This could include time in prayer on their own or for each other. 
  • RESPOND (small group): These questions would be the best place to make adaptations for older students, making them deeper and more developmentally stretching. These questions are cut or simplified for middle school students.

Also, how you divide the students into small groups will change the discussions. The level, depth, and topics explored and resulting discussion will all vary depending on where students are. High schoolers are at a different place with different concerns than middle schoolers, but many of the same questions will apply.

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