What happened to the PDF version of HomeFront Weekly?

One of our highest values is listening to our customers and responding to the needs of the local church. Over the last few years we have received much feedback asking for the HomeFront weeklies to be in an editable format with a simpler design. Many churches are translating the weeklies for their churches or are adding content that is specific to their ministry.

So, this year as a part of our promise to simplify design, supplies, and prep- the HomeFront weeklies were simplified as well.

Since making this change we have received much feedback asking for the previous design. In response, we are currently in the process of discussing how we can bring more design features back in to the weeklies, while allowing them to be editable without limiting access due to applications that some churches may not have available to them. It is our hope that we will be able to find a solution that allows our users to have more design and the ability to customize.

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