Some of my volunteers are hesitant to lead storytelling. How can I help them feel more comfortable d

The Big God Story (or ENCOUNTER in TruIdentity) is the main part of each lesson. This is where children hear from God’s Word and learn who He is and how they can be a part of what He is still doing to redeem humankind back to Himself. Because it’s an important part of the lesson, with many people gathered in one place, the pressure can feel pretty high. In preparing the lessons for you, we’ve done everything we can to make this section as easy as possible. In addition to suggested props, bolded leader talk, and provided resources, there are storytelling techniques shown at the beginning to indicate how this part of The Big God Story will be engaging children. To familiarize your volunteers with how they may interact with the lesson, here are some techniques you’ll see woven into our lessons:

  • Visuals (photos, slides, etc.)
  • Verbally (speaking, creative voices, etc.)
  • Theatrical (skit or drama)
  • Movement/action (kids coming onstage, moving around the room, etc.)
  • Call and response (Every time I say, 'King,' you say, 'Long live.')
  • Object lesson (even a science experiment)
  • Videos
  • Interview format
  • Ambiance (lighting/room/sound enhancement)
  • Improv (kids or leaders acting without planning)
  • Reader’s theatre
  • Group game (a game that sets up storytelling)

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