Why does it seem like the same content is covered from year to year?

Tru focuses on revealing the character of God through exploring The Big God Story (God’s Word). Each age level goes through the Bible chronologically every year, covering stories—some the same, some different—each with a slightly different emphasis.

Because Tru chronologically tells God’s story, every year the Scope and Sequence will feature some of the same important highlights that are part of telling the whole grand redemptive narrative of Scripture. For example, each year begins with Genesis (which covers Creation and Abraham). Additionally, we will always feature a Christmas unit near the beginning of Winter Quarter. We’ve developed Tru year after year with practitioner input and testing, and consistently heard positive feedback for having several Christmas lessons in a row to lead in December. Although these stories may seem the same at first, the lens through which they’re examined are different each time. For younger children especially, this familiarity helps them remember the main points of the lessons.

By touching on important passages of Scripture multiple times as they mature, Tru takes advantage of a simple teaching philosophy known as Spiral Progression: looping back to familiar concepts or stories over and over, adding details each time. For instance, the creation story found in Genesis is taught in every age level of Tru. By teaching toddlers the basic facts of this Bible story, as we do in TruBlessings, they’re able to begin learning about God’s love for them in a developmentally appropriate way. As children grow and their ability to process expands, the same crucial stories will be revisited but more details will be added. In this way, as a child grows they’ll hear the same part of The Big God Story but in different layers. Continuing the example of Genesis, TruWonder will emphasize God as Creator, TruStory will emphasize the eternal nature of God, and TruIdentity will explore how God takes us in all our brokenness. 

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