Our children and leaders have never tried worship response. How do we get started and what should we

Worship response stations give kids the opportunity to worship God corporately and individually. In addition to stimulating godly worship and praise, response stations spiritually affirm who kids are in Christ—God wants to hear from them and they see that they are a part of The Big God Story. This time is intended for children to freely express their worship as the Holy Spirit leads them.

Flowing naturally out of the storytelling of The Big God Story, children will be thinking about what they’ve just heard. Pause for a few moments and invite them to respond to God while they’re still feeling the impact, giving the Holy Spirit space to move and work within each child. When time is given and the response modeled, kids can reach out and truly meet with God. This is when the lesson becomes about encountering God—it’s transformation, not just information. 

Make plans for your worship time, but prepare yourself and your team to hold them loosely if the Holy Spirit leads your group in a different direction. As your team plans for worship response as suggested in the lesson, try to create an atmosphere without expectations. As a leader, part of your role is to help the children understand the freedom they have to choose how they’re going to respond. 

Although each week’s lesson will suggest a “Worship as Response,” there are endless ways to create space and prompts. Feel free to adapt to whatever will work best with your children and ministry needs. For examples, descriptions, and photos, please refer to the How It Works document, Worship as Response section, for your specific age level at truministry.com.

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